SAP Package MCS

R/3 application development: Logistics Information Warehouse

Technical Information

Package MCS
Short Text R/3 application development: Logistics Information Warehouse
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package MCS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package MCS contains 18 function groups.

0LIS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
MCS0 Cross-application func. modules in LIS
MCS1 Update statistical data
MCS3 LIS evaluations
MCS5 Update statistical data delivery
MCS6 Update statistical data billing document
MCS7 RW Interface
MCS9 Conversion exit PERI
MCSA Tools for Generating Info Structures
MCSB Determine Update Group
MCSBTE Interfaces for BTEs in LIS
MCSC General LIS customizing tools
MCSE Event Generation: LIS
MCST Updating Statistical Data - Transport
MCSV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
MCVA Update Historical Documents
MCY9 Copy Management
OLIS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package MCS contains 158 transactions.

MC(A SIS: Customer,Inc.Orders - Selection
MC(E SIS: Material,Inc.Orders - Selection
MC(I SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection
MC(M SIS: Sales Office, Inc.Orders Selec.
MC(Q SIS: Employee, Inc.Orders Selection
MC(U SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.
MC+2 SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales, Selec.
MC+6 SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection
MC+A SIS: Customer Returns, Selection
MC+E SIS: Customer, Sales - Selection
MC+I SIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec.
MC+M SIS: Material Returns, Selection
MC+Q SIS: Material, Sales - Selection
MC+U SIS: Material Credit Memos, Selec.
MC+Y SIS: Sales Org. Returns, Selection
MC-0 SIS: Shipping Point Returns, Selec.
MC00 Logistics Information System (LIS)
MC1% External Data: Maintain Requirements
MC1& External Data: Display Requirements
MC1( External Data: Display Formulas
MC1/ External Data: Maintain Formulas
MC1+ RIS: Display Requirements
MC10 Perform Analysis
MC11 Create Evaluation
MC12 Change Evaluation
MC13 Display Evaluation
MC14 TIS: Maintain requirements
MC15 TIS: Maintain formulas
MC16 LIS: Delete Evaluation Structure
MC18 Create Field Catalog
MC19 Change Field Catalog
MC1A Maintain Formulas/Requirements
MC1AT Maintain Formulas/Requirements
MC1B SIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1BT TIS: Maintain requirements
MC1C SIS: Display Requirements
MC1CT TIS: Display requirements
MC1D SIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1DT TIS: Maintain formulas
MC1E SIS: Display Formulas
MC1ET TIS: Display formulas
MC1F PURCHIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1G PURCHIS: Display Requirements
MC1H PURCHIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1I PURCHIS: Display Formulas
MC1J SFIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1K SFIS: Display Requirements
MC1L SFIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1M SFIS: Display Formulas
MC1N INVCO: Maintain Requirements
MC1O INVCO: Display Requirements
MC1P INVCO: Maintain Formulas
MC1Q INVCO: Display Formulas
MC1R Display Formulas/Requirements
MC1S QMIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1T QMIS: Display Requirements
MC1U QMIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1V QMIS: Display Formulas
MC1W PMIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1X PMIS: Display Requirements
MC1Y PMIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1Z PMIS: Display Formulas
MC20 Display Field Catalog
MC21 Create Info Structure
MC22 Change Info Structure
MC23 Display Info Structure
MC24 Create Update
MC25 Change Update
MC26 Display Update
MC27 Create Evaluation Structure
MC28 Change Evaluation Structure
MC29 Display Evaluation Structure
MC30 Update Log
MC-A SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection
MC-E SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection
MCE2 PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc.
MC-I SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec
MC-M SIS: Employee - Returns, Selection
MC-Q SIS: Employee - Sales, Selection
MCQA Call Up QM Standard Analyses
MCR: Std Analyses: User Settings, CALL
MCRA LIS Layout Reports
MCRB LIS: Generate Evaluations
MCRC Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures
MCS$ Info Structure Data: Process Archive
MCS% Info Structure Data: Manage Archive
MCS& Info Structure Data: Reload Archive
MCS/ Mass Generation: Info Struct./Update
MCS= Info Structure Data: Create Archive
MCS1 Standard Analyses, General Logistics
MCS2 Routine LIS Settings
MCS3 Routine SIS Settings
MCS4 Routine INVCO Settings
MCS5 Routine PURCHIS Settings
MCS6 Routine PPIS Settings
MCSCHECK Check Utility - Logistic Infosystem
MCSD Routine PMIS Settings
MCSE Routine QMIS Settings
MCSF Routine RIS Settings
MCSG SIS: Execute Evaluation
MCSH Call Std. Analyses of Customer Appl.
MCSI Call Standard Analyses of Sales
MCSJ Call Standard Analyses of Purchasing
MCSK Call Standard Analyses of Stocks
MCSL Call Shop Floor Standard Analyses
MCSM1 TIS: Create evaluation
MCSM2 TIS: Change evaluation
MCSM3 TIS: Display evaluation
MCSM4 TIS: Execute evaluation
MCSM5 TIS: Create evaluation structure
MCSM6 TIS: Change evaluation structure
MCSM7 TIS: Display evaluation structure
MCSO Current Settings: TIS
MCSR Standard Analyses External Data
MCSS Display Log: Gen. Info Structure
MCST Display Log: Gen. Updating
MCSV Call View V_TMC6P_D
MCSW Archiving of Selection Versions
MCSX Archive Statistical Data
MCSY Reset Time Stamp: LIS Generation
MCSZ Convert LIS Statistical Data
MC-U SIS: Employee - Credit Memos, Selec.
MCU1 Create LIS Unit
MCU2 Delete LIS Unit
MCU3 Call Standard Analyses: Transportatn
MCUA TIS: Shpt analysis
MCUB TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes
MCUC TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransport
MCUD TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping
MCUE TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages
MCUF TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material
MCVR SIS: update diagnosis - order
MCVS TIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn
MCVT SIS: update diagnosis - delivery
MCVV SIS: update diagnosis - billing doc.
MCVVK SIS: Updating - Sales Activities
MCVW INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc
MCVY INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc
MCZ1 Create LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ2 Change LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ3 Display LIS Inbound Interface
OMO! Std Analyses: Std Settings, LO
OMO, Std Analyses: Delete Sel. Version
OMO9 Update Maintenance: INVCO
OMOA LIS: Create Application
OMOB LIS: Change Application
OMOC LIS: Display Application
OMOE Generate and Initialize LIL
OMOF Update Maintenance: User-Defined App
OMOG Maintain Update Groups
OMOH Var.Std Analyses: Standard Settings
OMOJ Var.Std Analyses: SIS Std Settings
OMOK Var.Std Analyses: Ext. Std Settings
OMOL Var.Std Analyses: PURCHIS Std Set.
OMON Var.Std Analyses: INVCO Std Settings
OMOR Update Maintenance: QMIS
OMOS Update Maintenance: PMIS
OMOZ Update Maintenance: Logistics Genrl

Database Tables

The package MCS contains 384 database tables.

MCCMDE Tax table, Copy Management
MCCMFO Tax table, Copy Management formulas
MCDYNTYPEN Screen Types for LIS Generation
MCPRVER Generation Version of LIS Programs
MCS0 Reference Structure for Generating Info Structures
MCS1 Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY
MCS2 Sample Structure for Structural Information - Info Structure
MCSCMFIELDS Definition of field processing category in LIS Copy Mgmt
MCSCMVAR LIS Copy Management: Control Table for Variant Maintenance
MCSLISEF LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Fields)
MCSLISEH LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Headers)
MCSLISEHT LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (H): Texts
MCSLOG File for saving logs
MCSMET Methods for Reassignment of Statistical Data
MCSMETT Texts for Methods to Transform LIS Statistical Data
MCSSZEN LIS Data management scenarios
MCSSZENV Method references to LIS Data Management scenarios
S001 SIS: Customer Statistics
S001BIW1 S001BIW1 * SIS: Customer Statistics
S001BIW2 S001BIW2 * SIS: Customer statistics
S001E S001 - Structural Information
S002 SIS: Sales Office Statistics
S002BIW1 S002BIW1 * SIS: Sales office statistics
S002BIW2 S002BIW2 * SIS: Sales office statistics
S002E S002 - Structural Information
S003 SIS: SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/District/Customer/Product
S003BIW1 S003BIW1 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/Pro
S003BIW2 S003BIW2 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/Pro
S003E S003 - Structural Information
S004 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
S004BIW1 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
S004BIW2 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
S004E S004 - Structural Information
S005 SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving Country
S005BIW1 S005BIW1 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient Country
S005BIW2 S005BIW2 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient Country
S005E S005 - Structural Information
S006 SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/Product
S006BIW1 S006BIW1 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/
S006BIW2 S006BIW2 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/
S006E S006 - Structural Information
S008 Communications Table SD -> CO/Projects
S009 CAS: Last Documents
S011 PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics
S011BIW1 S011BIW1 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics
S011BIW2 S011BIW2 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics
S011E S011 - Structural Information
S012 Purchasing
S012BIW1 S012BIW1 * Purchasing
S012BIW2 S012BIW2 * Purchasing
S012E S012 - Structural Information
S013 PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation
S013BIW1 PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation
S013BIW2 S013BIW2 * PURCHIS: Statistics for vendor evaluation
S013E S013 - Structural Information
S014 CAS Document Information
S015 Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation
S015E S015 - Structural Information
S016 SIS: Sales activities
S016E S016 - Structural Information
S017 SIS: Sales promotions
S017E S017 - Structural Information
S018 SIS: Address list for sales promotion
S018E S018 - Structural Information
S019 SIS: Address counter
S019E S019 - Structural Information
S021 SFIS: Order Item Data for Material
S021E S021 - Structure information
S022 SFIS: Order Operation Data for Work Center
S022E S022 - Structural information
S023 SFIS: Totals Records for Material
S023E S023 - Structure information
S024 Totals Records for Work Center
S024E S024 - Structural information
S025 SFIS: Run Schedule
S026 Material Usage
S026E S026 - Structural Information
S027 Product Costs
S027E S027 - Structural Information
S028 Reporting Point Statistics
S028E S028 - Structural Information
S031 Statistics: Movements for current stocks
S032 Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms
S032E S032 - Structural information
S033 Statistics: Movements for Current Stock (Individual Records)
S033E S033 - Structural information
S034 INVCO: Movements (Batches)
S034E S034 - Structure Information
S035 Statistics: Batch Stocks
S038 All Key Figures for Batch Analysis
S038E S038 - Structural information
S039 Statistics: Inventory Controlling
S039E S039 - Structural Information
S050 Shipment
S050E S050 - Structural Information
S051 Shipment routes
S051E S051 - Structural Information
S052 Means of transportation
S052E S052 - Structural Information
S053 Shipment: shipping data
S053E S053 - Structural Information
S054 Stages of shipment
S054E S054 - Structural Information
S055 Shipment: materials
S055E S055 - Structural Information
S060 Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY
S064E S064 - Structural information
S066 Open orders: credit management
S067 Open deliveries/billing documents (KM)
S068E S068 - Structural Information
S069 Material Statistics (QM)
S069E S069 - Structural Information
S072 Individual Records for Inspection Lot
S073 Cumulative Delivered Quantities
S074 Subsequent Settlement: Operative
S074E S074 - Structural Information
S076 Sales & Operations Planning
S076E S076 - Structural Information
S077 STRPS: Movements
S077E S077 - Structural Information
S078 STRPS: Stock
S078E S078 - Structural Informaton
S079 STRPS: Movements + Stock
S079E S079 - Structural Information
S080 Purchasing: Movements
S080E S080 - Structural Information
S081 Purchasing: Stock
S081E S081 - Structural Information
S082 Purchasing: Movements + Stock
S082E S082 - Structural Information
S083 Material: Movements
S083E S083 - Structural Information
S084 Material: Stock
S084E S084 - Structural Information
S085 Material: Movements + Stock
S085E S085 - Structural Information
S086 Promotion
S086E S086 - Structural Information
S087 Material/add-on
S087E S087 - Structural Information
S090 WM: Stock placements/removals
S090E S090 - Structural Information
S091 WM: Quantity flows
S091BIW1 S091BIW1 * WM: Quantity flows
S091BIW2 S091BIW2 * WM: Quantity Flows
S091E S091 - Structural Information
S092 Resource Requirements: Material
S092E S092 - Structural Information
S093 Resource Requirements: Material
S093E S093 - Structural Information
S094E S094 - Structural Information
S096 Distribution Scenario
S096E S096 - Structural Information
S097 QM notifications: material analysis
S097E S097 - Structural Information
S098 QM notifications: vendor analysis
S098E S098 - Structural Information
S099 QM notifications: customer analysis
S099E S099 - Structural Information
S100 Problems: Material Analysis
S100E S100 - Structural Information
S102 Problems: Vendor Analysis
S102E S102 - Structural Information
S103 Problems: Customer Analysis
S103E S103 - Structural Information
S104 Customer Statistics
S104E S104 - Structural Information
S105 Season: Movements
S105E S105 - Structural Information
S106 Season: Stock
S106E S106 - Structural Information
S107 Season: Movements + Stock
S107E S107 - Structural Information
S108 Additionals
S108E S108 - Structural Information
S110 OTB
S110E S110 - Structural Information
S111 Index: Subsequent Settlement
S111E S111 - Structure Information
S116 Customer Analysis
S116E S116 - Structural information
S117 Receipt/article
S117E S117 - Structural Information
S119 Transaction Number (Till Receipt)
S119E S119 - Structural Information
S120 Sales as per receipts
S120BIW1 S120BIW1 * Sales as Per Receipts
S120BIW2 S120BIW2 * Sales as Per Receipts
S120E S120 - Structural Information
S121 Material aggregation - POS
S121E S121 - Structural Information
S122 Cashier
S122BIW1 S122BIW1 * Cashier
S122BIW2 S122BIW2 * Cashier
S122E S122 - Structural Information
S123 Customer / material group
S123E S123 - Structural Information
S124 Customer / material
S124E S124 - Structural Information
S125 Forecast history for ex. system
S125E S125 - Structural information
S126 Open Variants - Basis 1
S126E S126 - Structural information
S127 Open Variants - Basis 2
S127E S127 - Structural information
S128 Open Variants - SIS
S128E S128 - Structural information
S129 Open Variants - Planning
S129E S129 - Structural information
S130 Replenishment
S130E S130 - Structural Information
S136 Index: conditions in document
S136E S136 - Structural Information
S137 Variants: Basis 2
S137E S137 -Structural Information
S138 Variants: SIS & planning
S138E S138 - Structural Information
S140 Product Allocations
S140E S140 - Structural Information
S150 W&S: Rough Workload Estimate
S150E S150 - Structural Information
S152 W&S: Rough Workload Estimate - Goods Issue
S152E S152 - Structural Information
S159 W&S: Picking Waves
S159E S159 - Structural Information
S160 Perishables
S160E S160 - Structural Information
S161 Inspection Results: General
S162 Quantitative Inspection Results
S163 Quantitative Inspection Result: Vendor
S164 Quantitative Inspection Result: Vendor
S165 Inspection Results (General): Customers
S166 Quantitative Inspection Results: Customer
S170 Payment document data
S170E S170 - Structural Information
S171 Payment item data
S171E S171 - Structural Information
S172 Vendor billing document data
S172E S172 - Structural Information
S173 Vendor billing document item
S173E S173 - Structural Information
S174 Services
S174BIW1 S174BIW1 * Activities
S174BIW2 S174BIW2 * Activities
S174E S174 - Structural Information
S194 MRP: Business Info Warehouse
S194BIW1 S194BIW1 * MRP: Business Info Warehouse
S195BIW1 S195BIW1 * Goods Movement: Storage Location
S195BIW2 S195BIW2 * Goods Movement: Storage Location
S196BIW1 S196BIW1 * Material Movements: Plant
S196BIW2 S196BIW2 * Goods Movement: Plant
S197BIW1 Periodic storage location stock
S197BIW2 S197BIW2 * Periodic Storage Location Stock
S198BIW1 S198BIW1 * Periodic Plant Stocks
S198BIW2 S198BIW2 * Periodic Plant Stock
S200 Inventory Controlling Stores
S200E S200 - Structural Information
S225 Goods receipts: repetitive manufacturing
S225E S225 - Structural Information
S226 Material usage: repetitive manufacturing
S226E S226 - Structural Information
S227 Product costs: repetitive manufacturing
S227E S227 - Structural Information
S260 SD - Sales order
S260BIW1 SD - Sales order
S260BIW2 SD - Sales order
S261 SD - Delivery note
S261BIW1 SD - Delivery note
S261BIW2 SD - Delivery note
S262 SD - Billing document
S262BIW1 SD - Billing document
S262BIW2 SD - Billing document
S263 SD - Sales order/delivery note
S263BIW1 SD - Sales order/delivery note
S263BIW2 SD - Sales order/delivery note
S270 Do not use!
S270BIW1 Do not use!
S270BIW2 Do not use!
S270E S270 - Structural Information
S271 Do not use!
S271BIW1 Do not use!
S271BIW2 Do not use!
S271E S271 - Structural Information
S272 Do not use!
S272BIW1 Do not use!
S272BIW2 Do not use!
S272E S272 - Structural Information
S273 Do not use!
S273BIW1 Do not use!
S273BIW2 Do not use!
S273E S273 - Structure information
S274 Do not use!
S274BIW1 Do not use!
S274BIW2 Do not use!
S274E S274 - structure information
S501 Product allocation MERCK
S502 Basis of product allocation
S503 MERCK: alloc. customer group
S504 Product allocat. MERCK ship-to
S505 MERCK: alloc. cust group month
S700 order entry
S701 picking
S702 dispatch control
S703 Copy S700
S704 Copy S701
S705 Copy of S703
S720 Delivery: header data
S721 Delifery: PL-data
S722 Delivery: packing unit-data
S723 Delivery: pack. unit item data
S724 Delivery: Item data
S730 packing statistic
S753 Transport (shiping point)
S760 Transport (route of transport)
S790 WM: Putaway and stock removal
S900 Sales planning
S901 Infostructure for SOP planning
S910 SOP Planning - daily update
S911 SOP Planning - monthly update
S912 SOP Planning - Backup for S911
S930 Gifts and more
S931 Usage value lowest value
TFCA Permitted Field Catalogs for Each Application
TFCF Fields in Field Catalogs
TFCG Fields Catalogs for Statistics Fields
TFCS Permissible Source Tables per Application
TFCT Field Catalog Description
TMC1 Generated DDIC Structures for LIS, Conditions, Output
TMC1D Data Elements of Generated DDIC Structures
TMC1DS Save Versions for Table TMC1D
TMC1K Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures
TMC1KS Save Versions for Table TMC1K
TMC1T Short Texts on Generated DDIC Structures
TMC2 LIS: Status Management - Updating
TMC2_EXT_CHECK Enhanced Check for Update Rules
TMC2_EXT_CHECK_D Enhanced Check for Update Rules - Date Fields
TMC20 Parameters for Generating Updating (Internal Use)
TMC21 Application-Specific Parameters for Generating Updates
TMC23 Necessary USING Parameters for Unit Conversion
TMC23A Spec. USING Parameter for Unit Conversion Per Source Field
TMC24 Source Fields for Units Fields per Event
TMC24A Spec. Source Fields for Unit Fields Per Event
TMC25 Valid Hierarchies for Formulas/Conditions
TMC26 Texts for Valid Hierarchies for Formulas/Requirements
TMC2D Key Figures (Updating)
TMC2DS Key Figures (Updating)
TMC2F Relevant Update Routines for Info Structures
TMC2K Objects (Updating)
TMC2KS Objects (Updating)
TMC2P Table for Number Assignment of Update Reports
TMC2Q Reference as to Which Update Uses Which Program
TMC2S Info Structures to be Updated per Business Event
TMC2W Additional Information and Warnings for Source Fields
TMC4 Global Control Elements: LIS Info Structure
TMC4C Connections of Info Structures
TMC4T Descriptions of LIS Information Structures
TMC4U Transport Table for Info Structure Data
TMC4UC TRansport Table for Info Structure Data Connections
TMC4UT Transport Table for Info Structure Texts
TMC5 Business Events for Statistics Updating
TMC5T Description of Events for Statistics Updating
TMC6 Units for Statistics Updating
TMC6P Necessary Characteristics for Units
TMC6T Description of Units for Statistics Updating
TMC6U Valid Unit Conversion: Source Field/Statistics Field
TMC7K_CHECK Definition of the Char. Chain f. Checking the Info Structure
TMCAE Features of Application
TMCAP Applications: Logistics Information System
TMCAT Application Text: Logistics Information System
TMCB Update groups
TMCBIW LIS: BIW Customizing
TMCBIWU LIS: BIW Customizing
TMCBT Update Groups (LIS): Texts
TMCE LIS - Environment generation sample reports and references
TMCTC LIS Transaction Code Control
TMCUS Parameters for Standard Analyses in LIS
TMCW1 Table for Counter Readings of Info Structures Re-Setup
TMCW3 Table for Counter Readings of Info Structures Re-Setup
TMCZ Special Categories of Info Structures
TMCZT Texts on Special Info Structure Categories
VKMI Log for Updating Open Credit Values (S066, S067)


The package MCS contains 26 views.

H_MCLIN Help View on Table MCLIN
H_TMC4 View on TMC4
H_TMC5 Help View on Table TMC5
H_TMC6 Help View on Statistics Update Units
H_TMC7 Help View on Table TMC7
H_TMCAP Help View on TMCAP
H_TMCB Help View on Table TMCB
H_TMCSA Help View on TMCSA
H_TMCSC Help View on Table TMCSC
H_TMCSF Layout Reports for Evaluation Structures in Log.Controlling
H_TMCZ Help View on Table TMCZ
V_AKVER View for Maintenance of Current Generation Versions
V_CMDE Import Regulations
V_DYNUM View on Maintenance of Table MCDYNUM
V_MCCMFO Calculation Steps
V_QUTAB View on table TMC20 showing source tables for event
V_SMET Methods in LIS
V_SMETA Automatic Data Enhancement
V_SMETB Standard Analyses - Formulas for List Enhancement
V_SMETSTAN Methods to Convert Statistical Data in LIS
V_TMC6P View on Table V_TMC6P
V_TMC6P_D Display View for Dependencies of Unit and Characteristic
V_TMCSF Layout Reports for Evaluation Structures in Log.Controlling
V_TTDS_STA Statistics Units for Shipment Documents


The package MCS contains 111 structures.

DMCSE Input/Output fields, event generation
E1CFPLT Distribution: SIS - billing plan
E1CKONV SIS - condition segment
E1CLIKP SIS - delivery header data
E1CLIP2 SIS - delivery item, second part
E1CLIPS SIS - delivery item, first part
E1CMCCO General control fields for updating
E1CVBA2 SIS - sales order item, second part
E1CVBAK Customer order: Header data
E1CVBAP SIS - sales order item, first part
E1CVBEL Schedule line data for delivery
E1CVBEP SIS - sales order, schedule line data
E1CVBFA SIS - IDoc - flow segment
E1CVBK0 SIS - commercial data at header level
E1CVBKD Commercial data at item level
E1CVBP0 SIS - partner at header level
E1CVBPA SIS - IDoc - partner segment
E1CVBPF SIS - IDoc - compressed flow
E1CVBR2 Invoice - item data
E1CVBRK Invoice - header data
E1CVBRP Invoice - item data
E1CVBUK SIS - IDoc - type segment
E1CVBUP SIS - IDoc - item status
E2ICSL0001 fgfdgdg
INDX_EXCLUDE Database Indices, not to be Deleted
LMCS2 I/O Table for MCS2 Function Group
MCAKTIV Activity Indicator for System Updates: LIS
MCBC Help Table for Standard Settings in Customizing
MCBESTB Communications Structure for MCBEST
MCCMSF LIS: Structure for mapping source and target field
MCCONTROL LIS Updating: Control Parameters
MCEXT_CHECK_INTERFACE Transfer Structure for Enhanced Check
MCEXT_CHECK_INTERFACE_IS Transfer Structure for Enhanced Check (Info Structure)
MCEXT_LOG_MSG_ADD_INTERFACE Transfer Structure for Adding a Message to the Log
MCFIELDCAT Interface structure for transfering a field catalog
MCIKPF CS: Physical Inventory Document - Header Segment
MCIKPFUSR User Structure: Physical Inventory Document - Header Segment
MCISEG CS: Physical Inventory Document - Item Segment
MCISEGUSR User Strcuture: Physical Inventory Document - Item Segment
MCLOGGING Statistics Updates: Logging
MCLOGGING_CREDIT Structure for Logging Credit Values
MCMSEGB Communications Structure for MSEG
MCS01 Interface Structure for Func.Mod. MC_POPUP_TO_SELECT_FIELDS
MCS02 Structure of Excluding Tab. for FB MC_POPUP_TO_SELECT_FIELDS
MCS07 Structure for Combining Key Figure and Its Unit
MCSE_CSTRU LIS Communication Structure for Formulas and Requirements
MCSE_FTAB Output structure fields for communications structure
MCSLINE Transfer Structure: Maximum Length of String
MCSOFCAT Select Options for Field Catalogs
MCSOINF Select Option for Info Structures ((RANGES)
MCSOSTAFO Select option for update group (ranges)
MCSPARAMS Interface structure for standard analyses interface
MCSQTAB Permitted source tables of an application
MCSUPKZ Update Indicator for Statistics Updating
MCUNITS Reference Fields for Unit Fields in Info Structures
R0LIS I/O Collective Structure for Module Pool SAP0LIS
RMCS1 I/O Fields for SAPMMCS1
RMCS3 I/O Strucutre for SAPMMCS3
RMCS4 I/O Table for Module Pool SAPMMCS4
RMCS7 I/O Table for SAPMMCS7
RMCSC Input/output table for standard analyses settings
RMCSCM Lock structure for info structures (LIS Copy Management)
RMCSNEUA Help structure to set up statistical data
S001BIWS S001BIWS * SIS: Customer statistics
S002BIWS S002BIWS * SIS: Sales office statistics
S003BIWS S003BIWS * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/Pro
S004BIWS S004BIWS * SIS: Product/Sales organization/Dist. Channel
S005BIWS S005BIWS * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient Country
S006BIWS S006BIWS * SIS: Sales Employee/Sales Org/Dist.Chnl/Div/Cust.
S007 Communications Table SD -> CO-PA
S010 Communications Table: SD -> Cash Management and Forecast
S011BIWS S011BIWS * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics
S012BIWS S012BIWS * Purchasing
S013BIWS S013BIWS * PURCHIS: Statistics for vendor evaluation
S015Z Additional structure, subsequent settlements
S021Z SFIS: Key Figures for Material/Additional Table for S021
S022Z SFIS: Key Figures for Work Center/Additional Table for S022
S029Z Additional Key Figures for Kanban
S077Z Additional Key Figures for S077
S078Z Additional Key Figures: S078
S080Z Additional Key Figures: S080
S081Z Additional Key Figure: S081
S083Z Additional Key Figures: S083
S084Z Additional Key Figures: S084
S091BIWS S091BIWS * WM: Quantity flows
S105Z Additional Key Figures for S105
S106Z Additional Key Figures for S106
S108Z Additional fields for info structure S108
S110Z Additional Key Figures for S110
S120Z Additional Fields for Info Structure S120 (No Updating)
S121Z Additional Fields for Info Structure S121 (No Updating)
S122Z Additional Fields for Info Structure S122 (No Updating)
S160Z RIS: Additional Key Figures for S160
S174BIWS S174BIWS * Activities
S194BIWS S194BIWS * MRP: Business Info Warehouse
S195BIWS S195BIWS * Goods Movement: Storage Location
S196BIWS S196BIWS * Goods Movement: Plant
S197BIWS S197BIWS * Periodic Storage Location Stock
S198BIWS S198BIWS * Periodic Plant Stock
S260BIWS S260BIWS * SD - Sales order
S261BIWS S261BIWS * SD - Delivery note
S262BIWS S262BIWS * SD - Billing document
S263BIWS S263BIWS * SD - Sales order/delivery note
S270BIWS Do not use!
S271BIWS Do not use!
S272BIWS Do not use!
S273BIWS Do not use!
S274BIWS Do not use!
SHPM_STAT Transfer structure for update status: shipment statistics


The package MCS contains 83 programs.

RMC_TMC2_EXT_D_HELP Maintenance Program Table TMC2_EXT_CHECK_D (Date of Update)
RMC_TMC2_EXT_HELP Maintenance Program Table TMC2_EXT_CHECK
RMCAMUB5 Editing Statistical Data in Info Structure & (w/o Period Unit)
RMCAMUC5 Editing Statistical Data in Info Structure & (w/o Period Unit)
RMCAMUK5 Conversion of Statistical Data in Info Structure & (Delete After 3.0F)
RMCAMUS1 Archiving Statistical Data from Info Structure &
RMCAMUS2 Delete Archived Statistical Data from Info Structure &
RMCAMUS3 Reload archived statistical data from info structure &
RMCAMUS5 Editing Statistical Data in Info Structure &
RMCAMUSB Archiving data from info structure & (type C)
RMCAMUSC Reload archived statistical data of info structure & (type C)
RMCAMUSD Reload archived statistical data of info structure & (S031/35)
RMCAMUSF Archiving Data from Info Structure & (S032/S035)
RMCMEVNE LIS Inbound Interface, Upgrade 3.0D -> 3.0E
RMCP2001 Access Routine
RMCS802G XPRA for Converting Variable Type in Table T802G
RMCS802T LIS: Characteristic Texts for Evaluation Structures
RMCSAR01 Program for archiving saved selection versions
RMCSAR02 Program to delete selection versions already archived
RMCSAR03 Program to Retrieve Archived Selection Versions
RMCSAUSW LIS: Delete Evaluation Structures and Evaluations
RMCSCLCC Delete all Client-Dep. Entries for Self-Def. IS After Client Copy
RMCSCORE Include MMCP1TP3 Updated
RMCSCORS Program to Reset Generation Time Stamp
RMCSCURE Program to Configure Tables TMC2F and TMC2S Based on Table TMC4
RMCSEWWU Currency fields in LIS structures (Snnn tables)
RMCSEX00 Export Report Writer Objects using Command Files
RMCSFATB Analysis Report: Table Entries for Flexible Analyses
RMCSFCAT Field search in field catalogs
RMCSFE00 LIS: Copy Report Writer Objects from a Client
RMCSGENA Logistics Information System: Generate Evaluations
RMCSIM00 Import Report Writer Objects using Command Files
RMCSISCP Copy/delete versions of an info structure
RMCSISGN Generation of Info Structures and Updates
RMCSLIUP Field RTNAM Updated in Table MCL1
RMCSMCSA Regeneration of TMCSA, TMCST, T804A
RMCSMUB4 Sample Program for Temporary Generation During Rollup
RMCSMUS4 Sample Program for Temporary Generation During Rollup
RMCSNPRT Log: Statistical Setup
RMCSPEAN Performance Analysis: Standard Analyses
RMCSROAN Logs of Copy Management Runs
RMCSS025 Updating for Run Schedule Header Analysis: S025
RMCSS060 S060
RMCSSELV Report for Converting Old Selection Versions in LIS
RMCSSH02 Update Log
RMCSSIGE Close Interface to Info Structure Generated
RMCSSLVS Selection Version Choices
RMCSSZEN Fill Table MCSSZENx for LIS Copy Management
RMCSUTIC Check Utility - Logistics Info System (LIS)
RMCSUTIW LIS Utility: Check RIS Specials (Internal Use)
RMCSXP01 XPRA to Reset Status Information: Update Definitions
RMCSXP03 XPRA to Regenerate Update Coding in LIS
RMCSXP04 XPRA for Update TMC2F
RMCSXP05 XPRA for Update TMC4
RMCSXP06 XPRA for regeneration of ALL update rules in LIS
RMCT0305 Standard analysis in Info Structure S052 : Display selection version
RMCVANA1 SIS Analysis Tool
RMCVISCX Generated Select on Info Structure
RMCVNENA Read Number of Next Order to be Updated in the Background
RMCVNENF Read No. of Next Billing Document to be Updated in the Background
RMCVNENL Read Number of Next Delivery to be Updated in the Background
RMCVNEVF Read Program: Billing Documents for Statistical Setup
RMCVUPCF Read Report: Billing Documents for Statistical Setup (Resident Docs)
RMCVUPCL Read Report: Delivery Notes for Statistical Setup (Resident Documents)
RMCYMU05 Standard Analysis of Info Structure &: Display Selection Version
RMCYMURE Standard Analysis for Info Structure &
RMCYMUW5 Standard Analysis of Info Structure &: Display Selection Version
RMCYMUWA Standard analysis for info structure &
SAPFMCTF Formulas and Requirements TIS
SAPFMCVF Formulas + Requirements
SAPFMCZF Formulae + requirements
SAPMMCS1 Central Module Pool for Generating Statistics Types
SAPMMCS2 Central Module Pool for Creating Evaluations
SAPMMCS3 Maintain Field Catalogs and Info Structures
SAPMMCS4 Module Pool for Management of Generated Standard Analyses
SAPMMCS7 Module Pool for Defining Logical Evaluation Structures
SAPMMCSC Customizing: Standard Analyses
SAPMMCSE Event Generation: LIS

Search Helps

The package MCS contains 11 search helps.

H_MCLIN Help View on Table MCLIN
H_TMC4 View on TMC4
H_TMC5 Help View on Table TMC5
H_TMC6 Help View on Statistics Update Units
H_TMC7 Help View on Table TMC7
H_TMCAP Help View on TMCAP
H_TMCB Help View on Table TMCB
H_TMCSA Help View on TMCSA
H_TMCSC Help View on Table TMCSC
H_TMCSF Layout Reports for Evaluation Structures in Log.Controlling
H_TMCZ Help View on Table TMCZ

Message Classes

The package MCS contains 3 message classes.

M- IS: Nachrichten infosystem-übergreifend (Tools)
M! Fortschreibungsprüfung im LIS
M2 LIS: Generierung und Fortschreibung von Infostrukturen

Authorization Objects

The package MCS contains 27 authorization objects.

M_APPL_ANL LIS customizing: Applications
M_AUSW_MCC Evaluation: Application
M_CUFO_MCS Customizing Update Parameters: Application
M_CUST_MCS Customizing: Standard Analyses/Application Settings
M_CUTR_MCS Customizing: Transport
M_DDIC_DOB Evaluation Structure: DD Table
M_EVNT_ANL Maintain LIS Inbound Interface for External Data
M_FCAT_ANL Field Catalog: Application
M_INFO_ANL Info Structure: Application
M_INFO_FOR Update Formula/Conditions: Application
M_INFO_GEN Generation: Info Structures/Update Definition
M_INFO_MCB Evaluation: Evaluation Structure
M_INFO_MCC Evaluation Structure: Application
M_INFO_UPD Define Updating: Application/Information Structure
M_IS_DISPO LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / MRP Controller
M_IS_EKGRP LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Purchasing Group
M_IS_EKORG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Purchasing Org.
M_IS_LGNUM LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Warehouse Number
M_IS_MATKL LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Material Group
M_IS_SELVS LIS Standard Analysis: Selection Versions
M_IS_SPART LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Division
M_IS_VKBUR LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Sales Office
M_IS_VKORG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Sales Organization
M_IS_VTWEG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Distribution Channel
M_IS_WERKS LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Plant
M_NEUA_AUS Statistical Setup of Info Structure: Application