SAP Package JBT

Application development IS-B Transaction Costing

Technical Information

Package JBT
Short Text Application development IS-B Transaction Costing
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Package Contents

The package JBT is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package JBT contains 42 function groups.

AFO_PAFO Financial Object Integration: PA Part
JBAA Characteristic Derivation
JBABC_V Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
JBCFTRANSACTION Cash Flow Transactions
JBDDRBCA PA: Derivation of FO PT from BCA
JBDDRCOST PA: Determination of Costing Rule
JBDDRDERIV PA: Derivation of FO PT from Derivatives
JBDDRFGDT PA: Derivation of FO from Risk Object
JBDDRFX PA: Derivation of FO PA from Forex
JBDDRLOAN PA: Derivation of FO PA from Loan
JBDDRMONEY PA: Derivation of FO PA from Money Mkt
JBDDRORDER PA: Derivation of FO PA from Orders
JBDDRSTOCK PA: Der. FO PA from Positions
JBKWTF Template Functions for Financial Objects
JBKWTF4 F4 modules for template functions
JBKWTP Periodic Process Allocation
JBT_FTP_CALCULATOR_ADAPTER Opportunity Calculator Adapter
JBT0 Gener.Function in Transact.Costing
JBT1 Basic Costing Procedures
JBT2 Derivative/Forex Costing
JBT3 Costing - Auxiliary Modules
JBT4 Money Market/Variable Loans
JBT5 Securities Costing
JBT6 Account Transaction Costing
JBT7 SAP Banking: Costing Scheduling
JBT8 Funds Transfer Pricing
JBTB Valuation of Line Items (SD)
JBTBKK SAP Banking: Interfaces to BCA
JBTD Costing - DB Accesses
JBTDR ProfAnal:Derivation of FO frm Trans.Data
JBTFC Perform Flexible Calculation
JBTFCG Generate Flexible Calculation
JBTLD SAP Banking: Ledger Costing and Reconcil
JBTM Costings
JBTO Maintain FO, Profitability Anal. Part
JBTP SAP Banking: Prof. Anal. Check Modules
JBTR Costing, Main Module
JBTR_CALCPROT Costing Log in Application Log
JBTZ Time Measuring Functions
PAFO Profit Analysis Data for Transacts
PRANFO Financial Object Data f. Profit.Analysis


The package JBT contains 44 transactions.

AFO_PA_LOAN_MUPD FOI PA Part for Loan - Mass Process.
JB02 Bank Single Transaction Costing
JB04 Bank Risk Management
JB0J Treasury Master Data
JB0K Costing Call
JB0P Display and Delete Logs
JB0R Backdating
JB1K Update costing
JB4X Money market
JBCAPAACT BCA: FO Integration of Prof. Anal.
JBCFTRANSAKTION Maint. Trans. Cash Flow Transaction
JBCTVT_NEBP Assign New Bank Products
JBCTVT_NEBPVR Assign Bank Product Variant
JBDBALCOST Volume Cost. Costing Rule Derivation
JBDDRBCA1 BCA: Maintain Derivation Strategy
JBDDRBCA2 BCA: Maintain Rule Entries
JBDDRDERIV1 Derivatives: Maintain Deriv. Strat.
JBDDRDERIV2 Derivatives: Maintain Rule Entries
JBDDRFGDT1 Gen. Trans: Maintain Deriv. Strat.
JBDDRFGDT2 Gen. Trans: Maint. Rule Entries
JBDDRFX1 Forex: Maintain Derivation Strategy
JBDDRFX2 Forex: Maintain Rule Entries
JBDDRLOAN1 Loans: Maintain Derivation Strategy
JBDDRLOAN2 Loans: Maintian Rule Entries
JBDDRMM1 Money Market:Maintain Deriv.Strategy
JBDDRMM2 Money Market: Maintain Rule Entries
JBDDRORD1 Order: Derivation Strategy
JBDDRORD2 Order: Maintian Rule Entries
JBDDRSTX1 Positions: Maintain Deriv. Strategy
JBDDRSTX2 Positions: Maintain Rule Entries
JBDFTP FTP Update in PC Accounting
JBDO Financial Object
JBDRDARL Bank Product from Loan
JBI1 PA transfer structure CO
JBKW Actual Process Allocation: Fin. Obj.
JBPD Update Character. for Process Costs
JBPERIOD Period values
JBRCPAACT GT: FO Integration for PA
JBTLSVORMERK Maintain LS Selection Table
JBTM SAP R/3 Top Menu
JBTZ Maintain Cash Flow
JBVTPAACT Var. Trans.: FO Integ. Prof. Anal.

Database Tables

The package JBT contains 17 database tables.

JBDFTPASSIGNMENT SAP Banking: Assignment of value fields to cost elements
JBDI0000 Template Structure for Generated Qty Table in STC for ABC
JBDZZTK Standard Customizing for Condition Field Selection
JBFTPDOCN SAP Banking: document management table for FTP
JBT_FTP_CALC_TRA Settings for Tranches for Calculation of Opp. Int. Rate
JBTKREG Costing Rule
JBTKREG_SPREADS Markups/Markdowns on Opportunity Interest
JBTKRET Costing Rule Texts
JBTOBJ1 Segment Table for Financial Transactions, STC Part
JBTOBJP Commission Fields for Financial Transactions
JBTOZGW Weighting of Opportunity Interest Rate
JBTSPREAD_METH Process for Markups or Markdowns
JBTSPREAD_METH_T Process for Markups or Markdowns
JBTSPREADS Opportunity Interest Rate Markups and Markdowns
JBTVERF Costing Procedure in IS-B Based on Detailed Concept
JBTVERT Costing Procedure Texts
TJBABC CO-ABC->CO-PA: Update Characteristics for Summariz.


The package JBT contains 4 views.

JBVVERF View Maintenance for Procedure Texts
M_MJB4A Generated View for Matchcode ID MJB4-A
V_JBDFTPASSIGNM Maintenance of Assignment of Cost Element Value Flds for FTP
V_TJBABC Update Characteristics IS-B: CO-OM-ABC -> CO-PA


The package JBT contains 74 structures.

ISBAUTHA Append Structure for AUTHA
JBDCHARPAFO General Characteristics for Financial Objects STC Part
JBDDERIVDERI Derivation structure for derivates
JBDFXDERI Derivation Structure Foreign Currencies
JBDLOANDERI Derivation Structure: Loans
JBDMONEYDERI Derivation Structure: Money Market
JBDORDERDERI Derivation Structure Orders
JBDSTOCKDERI Derivation structure Positions
JBDTKEVABALC Volume Costing: Derive Structure Costing Rule
JBDZKOND Transfer Structure for Interest Conditions
JBIBBEW General Structure for Position Flows
JBIBEPP Enhancement of Structure VDBEPP
JBIBKK BCA - Account Data
JBIBKK_KEY_EXT External Account Key
JBIBPRD Derivation Bank Product from Loan
JBIBSTK Structure for Costing Positions
JBIBSTW Structure for Position Values per Order
JBICASHFLOW Simple Cash Flow
JBICONVF Transfer Structure for Currency Translation
JBIDBSF Criteria for Determining the Position Object Number
JBIFHAPO Structure for Forex Flows
JBIFTPCOST_VR Cost elements in chart of accounts for F4 help
JBIKAPD Document. for Parameters in Costing Program
JBISBABC Fields for Integration of SAP Banking CO-OM-ABC
JBISKAL Structure for Locking for Costing
JBISTWF Standard Value Fields for all Operating Concerns
JBIT001 Company Code Table for Costing
JBITEOB Receiver Structure for Financial Objects - STC Part
JBITEXTE Collection of Texts for Output
JBITPOB Check Structure for Fin.Trans/Period Values - STC Part
JBITUOB Update Structure for Financial Objects, STC Part
JBITWRT Daily Values for Days <> 1
JBIUDAR IS-B: Loans Transfer
JBIUPER_E Receiver Structure for Transferring Period Values (Large)
JBIUPKOND Extended Transfer Structure for Accounts
JBIUPZST Extended Transfer Structure for Cash Flows
JBIXGSC Transaction Master + Additional Information for Costing
JBIXKKO Account Master + Additional Info. for Costing
JBIXZSKO Extended Structure for Cash Flow Headers
JBIXZSTR Extended Structure for Cash Flow Items
JBKWO Object Type Selection
JBKWTP_RES Structure for Results List of Process Template Allocation
JBKWTP_RESD Structure for Detail Results List of Process Template Alloc.
JBT_STR_ADJUST_N_REFER_DATES Adjustment Date and Reference Date
JBT_STR_COMPUTED_FTR Calculated Opportunity Interest Rate
JBT_STR_DATE_N_WEIGHT Date and Weighting
JBT_STR_FTP_CALC_TRANCHE_CUST Settings for Tranche for Opportunity Contribution
JBT_STR_FTP_TRANCHE_BASIS Basis of Funds Transfer Price Calculation for Tranche
JBT_STR_FTR_ADJUSTMENT_BASIS Basis for Adjustment for Funds Transfer Rate
JBT_STR_FTR_AVER_BASIS Basis for Time-Related Averaging of FTR
JBT_STR_FTR_BEFORE_AVERAGING Opportunity Interest Rate Before Averaging
JBT_STR_FTR_COMPLETE_BASIS Basis for Total FTR Calculation
JBT_STR_TRANCHE_FTP Funds Transfer Price for Tranche
JBTBALHDR Log Header for Costing Log
JBTCFINFO Cash Flow Transaction: Flow Information
JBTDATE Structure for Accessing MCM table
JBTFTPPOST SAP Banking: Structure for posting of FTP to PCA
JBTKALKPROT_CONTEXT Structure for Context-Info for Costing Log in Applic. Log
JBTKALKPROT_TEXT Help Structure for Display of Costing Log
JBTLFDT Structure of Daily Values
JBTOBJ1_EXT Profit. Analysis Financial Object Data + BDT Status Inform.
JBTOBJP_EXT Profitability Analysis Commissions + BDT Status Information
JBTOP Transfer Structure for Opportunity Interest
JBTPA_SEL_VAL Values and Quantities from Profitability Analysis
JBTPA_VALUES Values and Quantities from Profitability Analysis
JBTPAFOSN Screen Fields for Profit. Analysis-Financial Obj.Integration
JBTRCN_SEL_VAL Selection Structure for Agreed Values and Quantities
JBTWRK Table for Corresponding Working Day
JBVDATE Condition Dates for Yield Curves
RJBTKP Screen Fields for Period Values


The package JBT contains 47 programs.

RAFO_FOI_LOAN_MIGRATION_PA FO Integration: Loans (Profitability Analysis) - Mass Processing
RJBCADL1 Reversal of Line Items in Bank Profitability Analysis
RJBCAPAACT BCA: Activate/Deactivate FO integration for profitability analysis
RJBDBALCOST CO-PA/Read Product Cost Estimate: Callbacks
RJBDDRBCA1 BCA: Maintain Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRBCA2 BCA: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDDRDERIV1 Maintain Derivatives Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRDERIV2 Derivatives: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDDRFGDT1 Maintian Generic Transaction Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRFGDT2 Generic Transaction: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDDRFX1 Maintain Forex Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRFX2 Forex: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDDRLOAN1 Maintain Loans Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRLOAN2 Loans: Maintian Rule Entries
RJBDDRMONEY1 Money Market Transactions: Maintain Derivation Stategy
RJBDDRMONEY2 Money Market: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDDRORDER1 Maintain Order Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRORDER2 Order: Maintian Rule Entries
RJBDDRSTOCK1 Maintain Positions Derivation Strategy
RJBDDRSTOCK2 Positions: Maintain Rule Entries
RJBDFUTRAPRIC Update in Profit Center Accounting
RJBDRDARL CO-PA Derivation of Characteristic Values: Callbacks
RJBEUKKS EURO Conversion - Bank Current Accounts (Cancellation)
RJBEUWPS EURO Conversion for Securities (Cancellation)
RJBKWTPBTC Start Report for Activity Based Costing in Background
RJBRCPAACT Generic transaction: activate FO integration f. Profitability Analysis
RJBT_DELTAB Program to Delete from Tables (/1ISB/COA*)
RJBTANRE_46 Retrospective Derivation for Financial Objects, STC Parts
RJBTCASH Cash Flow Disturbance Costing
RJBTGEN IS-B: Generation of Flexible Procedures
RJBTKALB SAP Banking: Costing Program For Core Deposit Products
RJBTKALK00 SAP-Banking: Costing Program for Updating Transactions
RJBTKALKEH SEM Banking: Report on Costing in Own-Account Trading Area
RJBTKALO SAP Banking: General call-up of costing
RJBTKALR SAP Banking: Costing program for backdated transactions
RJBTLSVORMERK Edit Indicator Table for Type One CF Disturbances
RJBTPRAZ Display Logs
RJBTPRAZ_APL Display and delete costing logs
RJBTZSTR Cash Flow Output
RJBVTPAACT Variable transaction: Activate FO integration for profit. analysis
SAPMJBCFTRANSACTION Cash Flow Transaction: Maintenance Transaction
SAPMJBDO Financial Object Maintenance
SAPMJBPERIOD Maintenance for Period Values
SAPMJBTLSVORMERK Maintain selection table for type one cash flow disturburance
SAPMJBTZ Cash Flow Maintenance Transaction

Search Helps

The package JBT contains 5 search helps.

ISB_CONDITIONS Search Help for Allowed Conditions
JBSH_LD_DIM_FIELDNAME Permitted Ledger Selection Dimensions
MJB4A Search by Currency and Partner
SBEWAGRP Flow Type Group
SBEWART Flow Types

Message Classes

The package JBT contains 3 message classes.

J2 IS_B: Nachrichtenklasse für die Entwicklungsklasse JBT
JBTLD Ledger Kalkulation und Abstimmung
JBTPA Nachrichten zur Ergebnisanalyse im BDT

Authorization Objects

The package JBT contains 15 authorization objects.

J_B_ACCOUN STC Authorization Object for Accounts
J_B_CASHFL STC Authorization Object for Cash Flows
J_B_CONDIT STC Authorization Object for Conditions
J_B_CONDLI STC Authorization Object for Condition Lists
J_B_CONDTA STC Authorization Object for Condition Tables
J_B_COST STC Authorization Object for Costing
J_B_COSTRU STC Authorization Object for Costing Rules
J_B_EDT STC Authorization Object for External Data Transfer
J_B_EDTCUS STC Authorization Object for External Data Transfer Custom.
J_B_EURO SAP Banking: STC Auth. Object for EURO Conversion Functions
J_B_FOBJ STC Authorization Object for Financial Object
J_B_POSIT STC Authorization Object for Positions
J_B_R/OCON STC Authorization Object for Required/Optional Control
J_B_SERV STC Authorization Object for Services
J_B_STCOND STC Authorization Object for Standard Conditions