WBS Element

DevWorkbench    04 de febrero de 2014   

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements are the most important structuring components in the PS module of the SAP ERP system. They can be organized in a hierarchy to structure projects hierarchically. They can pass data on to lower levels and aggregate back to top levels. Among the most important functions of WBS elements are:

  • Planning of dates
  • Cost planning and account assignment
  • Planning of revenues and generation of invoices
  • Planning and monitoring payments
  • Budget management (hierarchical)
  • Management of material stocks
  • Booking of actuals (for examples with CATS)
  • Progress monitoring for projects
  • Period-end closing activities
  • Data analysis

WBS elements in SAP ERP are generally more finance-oriented, as they have no functionality for capacity planning or other logistical functions. They are often used to structure SAP PS projects from a controlling view.