What is SAP CPM? Introduction to SAP Commercial Project Management

DevWorkbench    03 de marzo de 2014   

Mobile apps for SAP CPM

Besides the three core parts, there are two apps (currently only available for Apple devices) that can be used with CPM to enable mobile project processes:

Summary and Outlook on V2.0

So, have SAP delivered on their marketing announcements? To me, this definitely looks promising. SAP CPM makes a lot of sense for customer-facing project organizations. Compared to what is available in plain SAP ERP, it brings a lot of useful functionality to both end users and management, thanks to the superb integration functions improving day-to-day operations as well as reporting and planning. It also shows that SAP have finally started to take their products to a higher level of value, not only enabling basic data collection but also generating additonal value by providing really useful functionality such as the status reporting, alerts, or issue and change management functions combined with a sleek and flexible interface.

If you think about introducting SAP CPM to your organization, you may want to do so step-by-step. One idea would be to initially just use the Project Workspace as a reporting solution, since you can create a lot of value for the users just by using its aggregation and monitoring capabilities. Start from that point to implement the planning and change management components later on.

Also, of course, this is version 1.0. The next release is planned for Q4/2014, bringing in a whole bunch of new or improved features, such as:

  • Out-of-the-box content for cross project reporting
  • Automatic generation of SD quotations from bid estimates in SAP CPM
  • Functionality for project risk management, built on top of the issue & change management component
  • Introduction of SAP Jam as a platform for unstructured collaboration
  • A WebUI planning interface for those who do not want to use MS Excel.

In my opinion, SAP CPM is a big step in the right direction; personally I am very eager to introduce it to our organization and see how it works when the users actually hit it.

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