CTS: Request Editing

Technical Information

Package SCTS_REQ
Short Text CTS: Request Editing
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SCTS_REQ is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCTS_REQ contains 29 function groups.

0SPA Gen. Maintenance for Table HOTPACKEXC
CTS_USER_CUSTOMIZING User-Specific Settings in CTS
SCTS_ANALYZE_REQUESTS Analyze and Correct Requests
SCTS_ATTRIBUTES Edit Attributes of Requests
SCTS_DOCU Access Request Documentation
SCTS_OBJECT_CTREQUEST Methods for Object Type CTRequest
SCTS_OLE Object List Editor
SCTS_OLE_UTIL Utilities for Object List Editor in CTS
SCTS_PATCH Checks in Support Package System
SCTS_RELEASE CTS: Releasing Requests
SCTS_REQUEST Display Request
SCTS_REQUEST_CHECK Consistency Check for Request
SCTS_REQUEST_SELECTION Selection of Requests
SCTS_SORT CTO: Sorting Requests
SCTSREQ Display requests
STR5 Table Maintenance
STR6 Change and Transport System: Tools
STR8 Editing Requests (Interactively)
STRG Request Management
STRH Display Requests and Tasks
STRI Change & Transport System Interfaces
STRJ Transport System: Interfaces
STRK Change Request/Task Type
STRQ SL: Analysis Tools
STRX Access to E071-LOCKFLAG
SVRT Version Management -> Requests
TR_OBJECT_CHECK Checks on Request Objects and Keys
TR_OBJECT_LISTS Object List Functions
TRWB_REQUESTS Processing Change Requests


The package SCTS_REQ contains 5 transactions.

SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE09 Transport Organizer
SE10 Transport Organizer

Database Tables

The package SCTS_REQ contains 28 database tables.

CTSUSRCUST User-Specific Setting in CTS
E070 Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks
E070A Change & Transport System: Attributes of a Request
E070C CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks
E070CREATE Change & Transport System: Creation Date of Request
E070DEP Change & Transport System: Dependencies of Requests
E070L CTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks
E070M CTS: Target Package/Layer for Requests
E070TC Help Table for E070 for Client-Specific Imports
E070USE Use of Current Requests by Users
E071 Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071C Change & Transport System: Client-Specific Lock Flag
E071K Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071KF Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields
E071KFINI Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields
E07T Change & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks
HOTEXCMODE Mode for Exception Checks (HOTPACKEXC)
HOTPACKEXC Exception List for Support Package Creation
HOTPACKRUL Modifiability Rules for Support Packages
METHODTR STATUS: Method Execution
TE07F Releasable Correction Transports with Special Functions
TLOCK Change and Transport System: Lock Table
TRFUNCSEL Multiple Selection of Request Types
TRFUNCSELT Multiple Selection of Request Types
WBOATTR CTS: Request Attributes
WBOATTRC CTS: Client-Specific Settings for Attributes
WBOATTRT CTS: Attribute Texts


The package SCTS_REQ contains 2 views.

E070CTV Shared access to e070, e07t, and e070c
V_E071EU Items in a Correction E070 + E071


The package SCTS_REQ contains 84 structures.

BAPISCTS01 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Single Parameter
BAPISCTS02 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Transport Layer
BAPISCTS03 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Project
BAPISCTS06 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Request Header
BAPISCTS07 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Task Header
BAPISCTS09 Test: Author List
BAPISCTS10 BAPI Structure for Object Type CTRequest: Request No. List
BAPISCTS12 Tasks for Users
CTS_TRKORR Structure with Request Number
CTSTARGET Target System and Target Client
E071K_KEY E071K Key Fields
KO001 Dialog Boxes in STRD, STRH, STRI, STRU
KO013 Screen Fields Request Header (TR_REQUEST_MODIFY, editor)
KO016 Entry of a Date/Validity Period
KO019 Structure for Screens 'Change type'
KO020 Screen Structure for FB TRINT_E070_EDIT, FGR. STRJ
KO021 Include Structure for Requests in Transport Organizer
KO024 Structure for 'Reassign task'
KO040 Screen Fields for Global Information
KO040_TASK Organizer Screen Fields Initial Screens (Task Selection)
KO042 Structure with all Valid TRFUNCTION Values
KO102 CTS: Check Results with Message Information
SCTS_ATTR Request Attributes
SCTS_USER Tasks for Users
SCTSDRFUNC Description of the Request Type for the Request Overview
SCTSDRLEVS Hierarchical Levels for Sorting in the Request Overview
SCTSDRSTAT Description of Status for Request Overview
TR001 Correction Requests: Request Header
TR002 Correction Requests: Object List of a Request/Task
TR003 Correction Requests: Key Entries of a Request/Task
TR004 Correction Requests: Error Messages
TR005 Correction Requests: Create Tasks
TR006 Correction Requests: Documentation on Requests/Tasks
TR007 Correction Requests: Various Parameters
TR008 Correction Requests: Request Short Text
TRATTRDEF Attribute Definition
TRATTRWT Structure for Attribute Display
TRCREATE Create Request Dialog Box
TRDYSE01CM Screen Fields for SE01, Transports
TRDYSE01FF Screen Fields for SE01, Object Lists
TRDYSE01MM Screen Fields for SE01, Client Transports
TRDYSE01PD Screen Fields for SE01, Delivery Transports
TRDYSE01SN Screen Fields for SE01, Individual Display
TRE071KX E071K and Other Fields for Key List Editor
TRE071X E071 and Other Fields for Object List Editor
TREXREQHD Parts of request header
TREXREQOB Objects in a change request
TRHEADER Request Header
TRKLE_CRSR Cursor Position for Object List Editor
TRKLE_OBJS View/Table Definition of Log./Gen. Transport Object (OBJS)
TRKLEEXTST External KLE Status (Select, Cursor, Scroll,...)
TRKLEINTST Internal OLE Status (Administration Data)
TRMESS_INT CTS: Error Locking or Checking a Request
TROBJLOCK Object and Lock Key
TROLE_CRSR Cursor Position for Object List Editor
TROLE_UTIL Constants (Including Constants for Object List Editor)
TROLEEXTST External OLE Status (Select, Cursor, Scroll,...)
TROLEINTST Internal OLE Status (Administration Data)
TROLELCKFL Lock Flag with Interpretation
TROLENAVIG Navigation from OLE Using Workbench Manager
TROLESELCT Conditions for Object Selection (E071)
TRPATH Transport Route
TRREQ_ERRS Request, Transport Target & Logging, Why No Change Possible
TRREQ_TARS Request, Its Targets (Old and New) and Log Entries
TRREQPRINT Request Tool: Select Request Elements for Printing
TRREQSTATE Administration Data for Request
TRRNG_E071 Ranges Structure for Selection Conditions in Table E071
TRRNGACTVT Ranges Structure for E071 Activity
TRRNGAS4PS Ranges Structure for E070/E071-AS4POS
TRRNGGENUM Ranges Structure for E071-GENNUM
TRRNGLANG Ranges Structure for E071 Language
TRRNGLCKFL Ranges Structure for E071 LOCKFLAG
TRRNGOBJCT Ranges Structure for E071-OBJECT
TRRNGOBJFC Ranges Structure for E071 OBJFUNC
TRRNGOBJNM Ranges Structure for E071-OBJ_NAME
TRRNGPGMID Ranges Structure for E071-PGMID
TRRNGTRKOR Ranges Structure for E070/E071-TRKORR
TRSYSCLI Simple Transport Target
TRTARCHECK Request, Target Systems of Its Objects and Errors
TRTBKYEDIT E071K-TABKEY Editing in Screen (See DFIES)
TRTREENODE Request Tree Node
TRUNLOCK Options for 'Unlock objects of a request'


The package SCTS_REQ contains 19 programs.

RDDIT076 Overview of Requests
RDDIT077 Display Individual Request/Task
RDDM0003 Global Overview/Workflow of Initial Organizer Screens
RSCTS_CVERS Edit Software Components
RSOBJMTR Method Execution
RSWBO_ADJUST_REQUEST_TARGETS Correct Request Targets After System Landscape Change
RSWBO006 Display/Change Request Attributes
RSWBO054 Cancel Relocation Transport
RSWBO070 Merge Object Lists
RSWBO071 Merge Requests (for Background Processing)
RSWBO072 Merge Object Lists (Display as List)
RSWBO088 Select Unconfirmed Repairs (for Released Requests)
RSWBO099 Unlock Objects (Expert Tool)
RSWBO301 Number Assignment for Requests: Find Free Interval
RSWBOSDR Find Requests
RXE071KF Fill E071KF for Open Customer Requests (from Existing E071KFINI)
RXWBOLLE Convert Request/Task Types

Search Helps

The package SCTS_REQ contains 6 search helps.

CTS_TRFUNCTION_MULTISELECT Multiple Selection of Request Types
TCE_CONSOLIDATION_TARGETS Consolidation Targets for the Current System
TCE_NEW_TRANSPORT_TARGETS Selection of a Transport Target
TCE_OLD_TRANSPORT_TARGETS Selection of a Transport Target
TCE_TARGET_SAP Only the Standard Transport Target SAP
TCE_TRANSPORT_TARGET Selection of the Possible Transport Targets

Message Classes

The package SCTS_REQ contains 3 message classes.

TK Transport Organizer
TR Change and Transport System
TR_OLE Nachrichten für Objektlisteneditor im CTS