SAP Classification Explained Part 1: Classification Basics and Transactions

DevWorkbench    Dienstag, der 5. Februar 2013   

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Where-Used List and Object List

There are some more interesting transactions in the classification environment that can help you find what you look for. One of those is the transaction CT12 – Where-Used List of Characteristics. It is a flexible way of finding various elements where characteristics are used, such as classes and classified objects. It is thus another means to find classified objects in SAP ERP®, this time using the prettier ALV tree structure.

Another nice transaction to know is CL6BN – Object List. It gives you another convenient way to get a quick overview about classified objects of a certain type and their valuation.

Classification Object List

Classification Object List

This concludes the first part of my series on classification. It was a general introduction to the classification functionality in SAP ERP®, giving an overview about the most frequently used features. In the next part, I will address the developer community when I discuss the data model of classification and show you how the classification system is reflected in the actual database tables.

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