Monthly Archives: Februar 2013

Modifying a Released SAP Transport Request

DevWorkbench    Mittwoch, der 6. Februar 2013   

We’ve all been in this situation: we’ve released a task or transport request, only to notice seconds later that there was still an object missing in it. In the standard SAP ERP® transport system, we’d be out of luck: once released, transport requests or tasks can’t be set to modifiable again. Continue reading

SAP Classification Explained Part 1: Classification Basics and Transactions

DevWorkbench    Dienstag, der 5. Februar 2013   

Hi folks,this is the start of a several-part series in which I want to give an in-depth explanation of the classification functionality in SAP ERP®. Starting with this post, where I give an overview of the topic and mention important terms, I will go through the data model and demonstrate how to read data from classification  and how to set up authorization. I will also explain the user exits that can be used in classification. Continue reading