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How to Create a PDF from a Report in ABAP

DevWorkbench    Monday August 11th, 2014   

So, you know how to send e-mails, even with attachments. But how do you send out nice PDFs instead of ugly text files? In this post, I’ll explain how to programmatically convert the output of a report to PDF so that it’s available for download or to send as an e-mail attachment. Continue reading

Sending E-Mails with Attachments from SAP

DevWorkbench    Sunday August 10th, 2014   

After discussing how to send e-mails from SAP in yesterday’s post, today I want to take it a bit further and explain how to add attachments or even executable SAP transactions to these mails. Continue reading

How to Send E-Mails from SAP ERP

DevWorkbench    Saturday August 9th, 2014   

Sending e-mails from SAP ERP is probably the most common development task (or maybe the second common, after building an ALV report). Because of that, let me show you how to do it – I would’ve appreciated it as an ABAP beginner. Continue reading

ABAP Workbench Tricks #2: Dynamic Patterns

DevWorkbench    Wednesday August 6th, 2014   

In yesterday’s post about patterns, I discussed the basic usage of the pattern feature and showed you how to create your own patterns. Today, I’ll take it further and demonstrate how you can add dynamic elements to your patterns, making your development process even more streamlined. Continue reading

Getting Access to Out-of-Scope Variables with Field Symbols

DevWorkbench    Monday March 4th, 2013   

Recently, I came across a situation which required me to modify an internal table which was not in the scope of my program. My client wanted to take over the “System Condition” indicator from a maintenance task list into the maintenance item. A task list can be referenced in each item of a maintenance plan, but the System Condition field is not carried over automatically. Continue reading