Implementing Additional Checks in Table Maintenance Dialogs

DevWorkbench    Monday August 18th, 2014   

List of table maintenance dialog events

The SAP documentation for these events can be found here: SAP documentation for extended table maintenance events

1 Before saving the data in the database
2 After saving the data in the database
3 Before deleting the data displayed
4 After deleting the data displayed
5 Creating a new entry
6 After completely performing the function ‘Get original’
7 Before correcting the contents of a selected field
8 After correcting the contents of a selected field
9 After getting the original of an entry
10 After creating the header entries for the change task (E071)
11 After changing a key entry for the change task (E071K)
12 After changing the key entries for the change task (E071K)
13 Exit editing (exit main function module)
14 After lock/unlock in the main function module
15 Before retrieving deleted entries
16 After retrieving deleted entries
17 Do not use. Before print: Event 26
18 After checking whether the data has changed
19 After initializing global variables, field symbols, etc.
20 after input in date subscreen (time-dep. tab./views)
21 Fill hidden fields
22 Go to long text maintenance for other languages
23 Before calling address maintenence screen
24 After restricting an entry (time-dep. tab./views)
25 Individual authorization checks
26 Before creating a list
27 After creation or copying a GUID (not a key field)
28 After entering a date restriction for time-dep. views
AA Instead of the standard data read routine
AB Instead of the standard database change routine
AC Instead of the standard ‘Get original’ routine
AD Instead of the standard RO field read routine
AE Instead of standard positioning coding
AF Instead of reading texts in other languages
AG Instead of ‘Get original’ for texts in other languages
AH Instead of DB change for texts in other languages
ST GUI menu main program name