How To Become an SAP Consultant

DevWorkbench    Tuesday July 11th, 2017   

Ways towards SAP Consultant

Once you have decided on the path you want to take and the place where you want to work, you should think about getting there. I know of four typical ways through which people become SAP consultants.

  1. Study / Formal education

This is a very common way for students of information technology or related fields. SAP recruits many young software engineers, and also big companies have a high demand for talented young consultants. SAP does a lot of university partnerships, so it should not be too hard to gain some SAP expertise while you are still in school. This will prepare you nicely for a job as junior SAP consultant.

2. Cross-train / Learning on the job

Since SAP consultants require business knowledge, many business experts in companies are brought into SAP integration projects to provide insights and requirements for the implementation. It is not uncommon for them to become SAP experts themselves, since they will likely work with the system a lot. If your company runs SAP projects and you’d like to move in that direction, trying to be assigned to one of those projects can be a great first step.

3. Self-teaching

Experience in actual practice is highly important for prospective SAP consultants, so there is only so much you can do without a SAP system ready at your hands. However, SAP has opened considerably in the last few years, in order to get more developers interested in their tools. This led to the creation of, a portal which offers free SAP training and learning material. If self-teaching is your current option, go for it! Moreover, there have always been plenty of good books on all kinds of SAP modules.

4. SAP Freelancing

Once you have gained a certain amount of experience, freelancing is an extremely good option to broaden your skillset. Freelance SAP consultants are in high demand, so once you have some basic knowhow under your belt, you shouldn’t have much trouble to get hired. There is no better way to gain new insights than to work in multiple different projects in a short amount of time.