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SAP: How to Find User Exits for Transactions

DevWorkbench    Thursday February 16th, 2017   

As ABAP developers, we work with user exits a lot. Their big advantage is the possibility to modify the behavior of standard SAP ERP programs without actually doing a modification. Consequently, it is very important to know which user exits are available for certain transactions. In this posting, I’ll show you a few ways to find user exits for transactions in SAP ERP. Continue reading

Find the Transport Request for an Object in SAP

DevWorkbench    Tuesday February 14th, 2017   

We often need to find a specific programming object in an SAP transport request. This could be a program, an authorization object or a database table, or whatever else you can create in the ABAP developer workbench. This article will show you how to find objects in transport requests in SAP ERP. Continue reading

First Steps with SAP River RDE

DevWorkbench    Friday August 22nd, 2014   

As promised, today we’re going to look at SAPUI5 application development with SAP River RDE, and we will take out first steps towards building a multi-million-dollar app. But before we can do that, we need to learn the basics. Continue reading

How to Define View Clusters for Data Maintenance

DevWorkbench    Thursday August 21st, 2014   

During the last few days, I discussed several features of maintenance dialogs and extended table maintenance. The extended maintenance functionality, however, has its limits at the point where multiple, hierarchical tables come into play. This is where we can use view clusters to build a clean and usable maintenance interface. Find out how in today’s post. Continue reading