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SAP: Execute Transactions Without Authorization

DevWorkbench    Tuesday February 14th, 2017   

In today’s knowhow post, I will show you ways around the authorization system in SAP ERP. Using these hints, you will be able to execute SAP transactions without the authorization to do it.  Continue reading

SAP: Difference Between Customer Exit and User Exit

DevWorkbench    Sunday February 12th, 2017   

A question that is asked very often by beginners in the SAP ERP world, the SAP difference between customer exit and user exit is not immediately clear, especially since the terms are very often being used interchangeably. This article shines some light on the difference between the two. Continue reading

Change the SAP Sender Email Address in ERP

DevWorkbench    Friday April 24th, 2015   

We sometimes want to control which email address is displayed when we send an email from SAP. Unfortunately, the function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 uses the current user’s email address by default. Here’s a way to change this behaviour and set the SAP sender email address manually. Continue reading

SAP Classification Explained Part 1: Classification Basics and Transactions

DevWorkbench    Tuesday February 5th, 2013   

Hi folks,this is the start of a several-part series in which I want to give an in-depth explanation of the classification functionality in SAP ERP®. Starting with this post, where I give an overview of the topic and mention important terms, I will go through the data model and demonstrate how to read data from classification  and how to set up authorization. I will also explain the user exits that can be used in classification. Continue reading